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Brand History Stuttgart-based Porsche began as the dream of its founder, Ferdinand Porsche, who, in 1948, released the first car bearing his name. The 356, manufactured with just 200 men working out of a single garage, was nimble, lightweight, and an immediate hit. The 356 was followed by 1952’s race-ready 550 Spyder. A staple of the 1950s racing circuit, the mid-engine 550 was as famous for its victories on the course as it was infamous for enshrining actor James Dean into popular consciousness on California’s Route 466. A few years later, Porsche revealed the icon of iconic sports cars at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on sketches by Ferdinand’s grandson, “Butzi,” the Porsche 911 was a larger, more luxurious and more amply powered successor to the 356. Over the years, the 911 received regular updates, benefited from the latest innovations, and got turbocharged. But ever since, it’s been the hallmark of the Porsche brand and an intimidating benchmark against which all other luxury sports cars must be measured. 秉承 911 的精神,保时捷于 2002 年推出了 Cayenne,标志着德国制造商进军SUV市场。除了时尚的造型外,Cayenne 在类似运动的性能方面超过了大多数其他豪华 SUV——考虑到这家传奇制造商的工程智慧和赛车传统,这不足为奇。继 Cayenne 之后,保时捷于 2014 年发布了 Macan,这是一款结构更紧凑、更灵活的 SUV,立即赢得了追随者。如今,该制造商以其运动型多用途车和快背车和豪华轿车(如先进的运动型 Panamera)而闻名。它们的共同点是:以保时捷速度提供保时捷性能。 Features The world over, Porsche stands for performance, speed, and engineering. The Stuttgart manufacturer’s SUV offerings never fail to live up to their marque’s reputation. Both the Porsche Macan and Cayenne benefit from the latest innovations to safety, handling, and efficiency, while getting you there in comfort and in style. Renting a Porsche in New York City Renting a Porsche in New York has never been more convenient than with RealCar. And what better statement to make in Gotham than a Porsche? Let's admit that New York isn’t known for its pristine roads, its climate isn’t Mediterranean, and US 95 isn’t the Autobahn. A 911 is an exceptional machine, but most of the time a Macan or Cayenne is the Porsche rental you need to drive NYC streets, Montauk backroads, and upstate orchards. Uptown, oceanfront, and mountain views are never far off in a Porsche. Rent a Porsche with RealCar and your Porsche Macan, Cayenne, or Panamera will be delivered to you wherever you want it in Manhattan. 今天在纽约市租一辆保时捷。

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    是的,RealCar 很乐意让您带上您的宠物出租保时捷的宠物。请注意,如果租赁车辆需要额外清洁,您可能需要支付服务费。
    可以。 RealCar 提供多种车型,例如 Cayenne、Macan 和 Panamera。
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