Car Rental in New York City

RealCar pickup and delivery service is available within New York City limits and New York metropolitan area airports (JFK, LGA and EWR).

You can specify any delivery and pick up address of your choice within these limits and our concierge will meet you there.

448 West 38th street, New York, NY 10018*
Please note that RealCar does not rent vehicles or conduct in-person transactions at this address. Our garage is exclusively for pick-up and drop off. To rent with RealCar, please book online or with our app.
(212) 991-8002
Monday - Sunday : 8am - 8pm

Premium Features

Premium Vehicles

Drive a quality, stylish vehicle: Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, or BMW.

Door-to-Door Delivery

RealCar delivers and picks up your vehicle wherever you are, on your schedule.

Fair Toll + Fuel Plan

Pay only for what you use. No surprise surcharges.

No Lines. No Paperwork

Plan, book, and edit your trip with our intuitive mobile app.

Enjoy the City

New Yorkers are always on the go. At work or at play, the premium they put on their time is a simple function of the competitive pace and built-for-business infrastructure of the “city that never sleeps.” While there’s nothing more New York than taking the subway or hailing a cab, most people still enjoy the luxury, privacy, and freedom of driving their own car. Unfortunately, owning a car in New York City comes with real frustrations: Parking a car in Manhattan is seriously expensive and often seriously inconvenient. Depending on the garage’s location, it can now run up to a thousand dollars a month just to let your car sit unused in its own space. Servicing, detailing, and maintaining your vehicle is another significant expense and, perhaps more importantly, another recurring timesuck. When “time is money,” who wants to vet a reliable mechanic, schedule an inspection, or worry about a check-engine light when they’re on their way to a crucial meeting, rushing to catch a flight at JFK, or driving upstate for the first weekend of Spring?

Car Rental In NYC

is a next-generation rental car service, developed from the ground-up to reduce the cost andthe frustrations of car ownership in a city like New York. We enable you to drive a premium vehicle,it on demand without the expense of parking and the hassle of upkeep. Understanding that manyYorkers only need a car every once in awhile—a weekend in the Hamptons, a day trip to the countryside,business clients, or getting to and from the airport—RealCar was designed to allow you to payonly as much car as you actually use.

RealCar brings NYC car ownership to more style-conscious & more budget-sensitive drivers than ever before.

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