5 tips to play Blackjack at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

5 tips to play easy Blackjack

I don’t know how my brothers are but I find myself among the most popular Malaysia online casino games, I like Blackjack the most. Do you know why? Because playing this game, I make money from the Malaysia online casino very simple, where to bet is where to win.

In fact, all must have the secret to play, not natural but where to bet. The secret to playing Blackjack is also relatively simple. I will share immediately so that you can refer. Hope these tips will help you earn more money.

The secret to effectively playing Blackjack

Tip 1

Stop drawing when the total points of the first 2 cards reach 18-20 points.

Your first 2 cards have a total score of 18 – 20 points, you should not draw a third card because the above score nearly reaches the maximum of 21 points. With this score, your winning rate can be up to 80%.

Tip 2

Stop drawing when the total of the first 2 cards is 15-16 points and the opponent does not draw more cards.

When the opponent stops drawing cards and your total score is 15 – 16 points, it is best not to continue because of the high draw rate. If you draw more cards with a higher score, you will be scrapped and will lose immediately.

In this case, you should only draw more cards when the opponent draws 2-3 cards.

Tip 3

Less than 12-15 points, you should draw more cards.

Usually, the big and small Blackjack cards will lie side by side. Therefore, when your total score is less than 12-15 points, you should draw more cards. If you do not draw more cards, you want to keep that score, then your chance of winning will be 0, if this is the case, it may be because of luck or god bless you.