Bodog Review in Detail

Bodog is one of the most popular sites about Casino Online. Found in 2000, Bodog has been fast to become one of the market leaders for gambling and betting. To understand more detail about this site, this article will continue to share review about Bodog. It includes type of betting and how to place on betting on Bodog.

Types of betting

There are some types of betting from Bodog, including: money lines, point spreads, over-under, 3-ways and props. In per game, there are other options for betting. Even some games offer up to 60 different prop bets. So you should distinguish clear types of betting to avoid confusing or mistake among them.

As other professional sites, Bodog also offers live betting. It means you can bet on who will score next time in real time. The betting time will be determined as rule of per game. If your betting time is proper as requirement, it is approved.

Betting limits

The fact that Bodog has lower betting limits than others. On average you can place from $500 to $2000, depending on the market and kind of game or event. In general, this budget is not big for some big bettors.

Seeing to another side, small betting limit makes less risk for gamblers. This cost helps you to keep more games in case your budget is limit.

Thanks to co-operation with Real Time and Rival Gaming, Bodog has a strong online casino with about 150 different casino games. However Bodog doesn’t provide live streaming while you are easy to find this function at many on-US sportsbooks.

Conclusion: Bodog is an excellent site about betting online. Although it exists some drawbacks, it is completely reliable for your belief. We can’t find any cases of blatant scams, complaints or scandals from this site. So it is better for foreigner gamblers.