Guide to play poker at M88 online casino

Are you familiar with the way of betting on m88 football and now want to learn how to play poker and are you waving about how to start each game with 2 cards in Texas Holdem? Should you play more bets, when to follow and when to withdraw? Which card is strong to start with, and which is the weakest? This article will explain these questions for you.

Guide to playing poker at M88 online casino

First, you always remember that a good poker player when playing in a table of 6 people usually has a win rate of 1/6. And the number of games they followed only accounted for about 30% of the table games. This makes sense because with 6 players the odds for getting the strongest card are 1/6, so you should retreat in games with weak cards and focus on the games you have a lot of chances to win. win.

But how to know if your card is strong or weak with only the first 2 cards? Here is the experience that m88 experts gave us.

Initially you have

2-7 or 2-8 or 3-8

You should withdraw right from here! This is considered to be the worst type of card when playing poker, if two cards of the same color are almost 98% that you lose. What if the same color? If you’re lucky you’ll get a small Flush, and in that rare moment your odds of winning are well below half. These cards are incapable of creating straight lines and again create very small pairs. No way, you should retreat better.

3-7 & 2-6

Withdrawal, do not wait for anything from cards like this.

3-9 & 4-9 & 2-9 & 5-9

Depending on you, they are very convenient cards especially when not the same color. They can only make an average of 9 pairs, but it’s really not useful. You should only play 5-9 when the color is the same, and don’t be so adventurous in that game. The rest will withdraw!