Instructions to play Roulette in the M88 online casino (Part 1)

The M88 dealer is one of the oldest operating bookmakers in Malaysia. Their list of Casino games is varied and rich with all the popular games at real casinos and Malaysia online casinos.

This article shows how to play Roulette – the roulette tables in their E-games area.

After logging in to your M88 dealer account, select the Casino area and on the left game toolbar select the Card & Table option. There are many different types of Roulette like Roulette Crystal, Europe Roulette (European Roulette), American Roulette (American Roulette).

Note that this area is an area for E-games Casino games, online betting games here are programmed on the game system, the results are randomly given by the computer system. and there is no fraud or manipulation of the outcome.

European-style roulette is chosen by more people because the probability of winning is slightly higher (American-style roulette has an additional 1 00, so the odds of winning at the common bet gates such as Red/Black, Odd/Even affected).

A typical Roulette table in this area. You can find the mysterious formal solemnity of a real Casino. The betting options are clearly displayed, you just need to select the coin in the adjacent area and place on the corresponding betting option, just like playing at a real casino.

Every time you hover your mouse over the betting options, the number boxes in that option will light up so you can easily identify the options and know which ones you bet on the roulette table.

Spin buttons to select spin, Clear to withdraw all bets, and a table of recent games results are also provided for players to follow and consider the next betting decision.

If you have difficulty in the betting options or other rules of this game, read the tutorial on playing Roulette to learn more.

Special Roulette table at the M88 dealer

The Casino section of the M88 dealer also allows the player to try another special Roulette table – the Multi Wheel Roulette Gold table.