Instructions to play Roulette in the M88 online casino (Part 2)

This game is special in that players can bet up to 8 different tables at once. After completing 1 game, it is equal to another person playing up to 8 games. This game allows you to increase the speed of play to the maximum, but it also costs you money very quickly if you are “unlucky”. The fact that there are too many turning tables at the same time also causes many players who are “confused” to keep up with the results.

However, these turntables can be activated or disabled by the player, just a light click is the table turned off, if you want to open it, just click again. For example, players only want to play 4 goals instead of 8 maximum.

Note that every time you place a bet, you will bet on all 8 tables at the same time, not bet on table number 1, bet on number 8, table 2 on bet 11. You bet the same For all 8 turntables, remember this.

When you finish, all winning numbers will be clearly marked as shown for your viewing and monitoring. Other details such as the amount of bets on each table (WHEEL BET), the number of tables activated in the game (WHEELS), the total amount of bets (TOTAL BET) and the amount of winnings (TOTAL WIN) are displayed in full. enough in the lower right corner of the game screen.

A few notes when playing Roulette

At the M88 dealer or any other Malaysia online casino, remember that the high betting options on their own are extremely risky, never starting with these bets. If you lose, it is assumed that the entire amount of money will also wear a hat when you have lost your temper. Pay attention to this point.

Two more, these games are free to play, if you want to play for free to understand more, you can visit this area with the attitude of the player to perfect their skills and understanding. before playing with real money.

Finally, be aware that these are entertaining games, you cannot make money from playing games in online casino. The game is similar to playing lottery. If you’re lucky, you have money and fun, if not, you’re still completely happy. If you put your money above relaxation, you will be completely dominated and this is no longer entertainment. Be careful !