Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Review


Evolution Gaming is famous for classic casino games, especially online casino Malaysia. Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a newly interesting edition when it can combine optional side bets into the traditional poker game.

The rival is the dealer, not other players. So you can ask your friend to join it without limit the number of players.

How to play this game online

To become outstanding game online in lists of online casino Malaysia is not simple. The producer has to create the interesting playing rule as well other bonus and reward.

The first session will officially be valid when players submit the mandatory Ante bet. You have other option for betting two sides: or disregard both sides bet or place suitable side as your feeling.

Then, the players and the dealer receive extra two cards. Now your decision is betting the new or folding. If you agree to fold, the result will not affect to the bonus bets. While you choose betting the new, you can continue to play within the current bet or place more.

Dealer will withdraw the Turn card. Your task is checking or changing the last time before the River card is shown off in public.

Then all cards are publicized results to calculate rank. Total card combination has higher mark will be a winner. Finally, you will receive the bonus bets which is settled and notified accordingly.

Please note that in urging case of a tie, the dealer can’t find the proper explanation then the bets are returned to the player.

Bonus and promotions

As publicized in the logging first, the bonus can be up to 1,000:1.

In addition, this game provides a progressive jackpot starting from 50,000. Thanks mobile functionality, you can download and play it online by some basic steps.

Their success of this game is regarded as a tsunami.