Review about Bodog Casino

In this article, we will review about Bodog casino which is one the most famous betting sites in the world. Even someone consider that if you only are allowed to choose one casino, Bodog is the smartest choice.

The fact that Bodog is always on the top best betting sites during 20 years since establishment. They maintain good services with top games for gamble, great promotions as well attractive prizes.

Firstly, discuss about the banking options on Bodog

Bodog is confident about banking option system compared other betting site. First of all, they also limit the following banking options as the fixed rule. But all terms and condition should be publicized on website for gamblers to arrange deposit before betting officials.

There are some respective min and max deposit for per type of betting like: visa needs 25$ for min deposit and 1,000$ for max deposit, bitcoin needs 20$ for min deposit and 5,000$ for max deposit, Mastercard needs 25$ for min deposit and 1,000$ for max deposit, so on.

In general, banking option systems depend on where you live. This site takes advantage of advanced technology to customize demands of everyone in the world. However they don’t use payment on Neteller and Skrill which are big online banking system now.

On Bodog, they don’t charge any deposit fees, so you feel their service is good. After deposit, you only are charged a small transaction fee from bank.

But this policy is only offered for making deposit while they still charge fee for withdrawals. According to the rule, in the first month of registering, you are free for any withdrawal for transaction. Then you are charged 50$ from the second month, except bitcoin banking option is fee for all transaction. If you intend to withdraw cash, you can take action it everywhere for amount from 20$ to 3000$ one time.