Strategy of professional players when playing Roulette online (Part 2)

Let’s continue with the strategy of professional players when playing Roulette at Malaysia online casino below.

Place your bet code

In any game, if you win then place a number of twins or through three doors, the number of twins can win 1.25 bet codes, over three doors can win 2,375 bets, through three or more gates. You will achieve a high profit. But on my own perspective, I think that within three doors will be the best way, the risk is not great, the profit is basically better.

In terms of probability, I find that using this method of numbering to win a chance to win several chips is quite simple.

Tide betting method

You only need to observe the last 25 numbers recently won, if there are 4 or more duplicates then you can start playing Roulette online.

The forward line will bet the previous 17 numbers here and add a zero

The reverse line bet the last 17 numbers and add a 0

If there are 4 consecutive numbers of the same 12 numbers or in the same line, then you should type 6 parity numbers, if the dragon produces 12 numbers of dragon, must 0 then stop.

When the coefficient between the curve and the forward line is 70% or more, the error is continued one more time, the error is stopped twice.

The notation when changing from a forward line to a backwards dash -, the opposite line that changes to a forward line is a plus 3+ sign.

When it appears +++ – you should pause without bet, then wait for it to come out + then hit +, out – hit -.

When the two positive and negative lines at a certain time have a fixed variation, then follow the situation to bet. If the strength is double, then the bet is weak, it is best not to bet.