Strategy of professional players when playing Roulette online (Part 3)

The opposite of when encountered – + – + is always against and does not stop. When changing to – + – + – +, it depends on the situation, the strength, the fighting, the weak should stop.

So within 10 games, you should notice as follows.

When the slope is below 70, it appears – then stops.

When the opposite coefficient is below 70, + appears, then stop.

If you do not follow any rules, between 50% – 60%, do not bet.

Suppose, when a consecutive loss meets 0 then do not hit, wait for another figure to play. When zeroed out, in any situation is not set.

The face of the hand with three numbers the same, follow them, the forward bet doubles, the opposite should play with the old.

If 30 times or more in a series hit 30 times in a certain number, and within 10 games there are some numbers that repeat 2 or more times in a row, if you win now, in 10 consecutive games you can bet Bet the amount increased several times. If this game is a draw or a loss, then in the next 10 games you can bet double the bet of online Roulette.

When the inverse coefficient reaches the threshold of 80% or more, it is possible to place a bet that doubles the bets on numbers within 50 consecutive games of no winning. When encountering +2 consecutive it is best to stop, the coefficient of the opposite line drops below 60%, it should not bet doubled again.

When the bet stops -3 immediately, winning 2 consecutive games should bet twice the bet code, losing bets placed before play 30 games at the most, if there is no 0 on the screen of the game, you should not hit 0.

Above is one of the strategies of professional players when playing Roulette at Malaysia online casino. Hope it is useful for you players.